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Through video correspondence or live training, this is the counselor training/certification program you have been looking for.

IIFBC is setting a new standard of integrity, professionalism, and knowledge in the training, certification, and continuing education of Christian counselors.  We have a biblical foundation and a proven curriculum.  Our experienced faculty consists of teams of successful practicing counselors with a variety of degrees, credentials, and backgrounds.  Our vision is to produce disciples ready for Godly service by shifting from symptom-focused counseling to solution-focused counseling.  Our mission is to affect this world with the power and availability of Christian counseling. The answer still lies in the heart changing power of Jesus Christ and the body, soul, and spirit recovery process. ("Whom we preach, warning every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus," Colossians 1:28.)

Join the many others that minister to the hurting with our unique Faith Based Therapy™ model, accurate Biblical personality assessment, successful GOD14™ drug and alcohol recovery model, and a true body, soul, spirit approach to recovery.  Layleaders, ministers and counselors want solution-focused, practical, no-nonsense training to do hands on discipleship for the hurting and confused.  IIFBC training is recommended for Sunday school teachers, pastors, church leadership, layleaders, support ministries, recovery facility staff, and any caring Christian desiring a full-time, or part-time ministry helping people through a wide range of recovery.  We provide the knowledge and the tools to establish a counseling center in your church or community. Your certification adds credibility to the ministry and recognition of accomplishment.

Go to http://www.iifbc.com/ or call toll free 1-866-500-7710.